Yes, you read it right. Throw out those scripts. This is life. This is business. This is not a play. This is not a performance.

I can’t tell you how many times a week in my consultations I am asked by my clients, “Do you have a script I can use?”

No. I do not. And neither will you. Be authentic. Be you. Do your research. Address people personally. Get to know them.

Here on LinkedIn, how many private messages do you receive that are scripted sent to you along with several hundred others? I receive several of those per day and rarely pay attention or reply to those. I reply to the messages from people who personally reach out to me. They start their note with “Dear Jennifer” and show me that they have at least checked out my profile, which led them to contacting me. I have made some wonderful connections with people who HAVE reached out to me in that way – authentically.

So whether you are reaching out to event planners, potential clients, selling a product / service, trying to build your list, … whatever it may be … try this approach. See how many more replies you receive. It may take you a bit more time, but your return on investment for that time will be well worth it.

Jennifer Ellis is the owner of Life Enlightenment. When she studied acting she was always much better at improv than memorizing lines. For more information about the products and services Life Enlightenment provides click HERE.