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Jennifer Ellis, Life Enlightenment owner and all-in team player, manages client Azim Khamisa (seated), internationally renowned speaker. Shown here celebrating with the ANK team, including Jim Ellis, Susan Greene.

Jennifer Ellis started her company Life Enlightenment in January 2001 upon moving from New York to California.

She has managed speakers and authors such as Jill Lublin, Azim Khamisa, Dr. Dawson Church, Dr. Shoshana Bennett, and Belinda Farrell. Jennifer is featured in the book Guerrilla Publicity 2.

Jennifer co-hosts and produces several radio and TV shows.

Prior to running her own business, Jennifer worked in the music industry for over 10 years promoting artists such as Rick Springfield, Oscar Peterson, and George Clinton as well as worked with corporations such as the Walt Disney Company and Intersound Records.

Says Jennifer, “I love working with people who want to make a difference. I can get them in the public eye where their message is not only heard but also celebrated.”

An advocate for animals, Jennifer also spends time volunteering for animal-related organizations and causes.

Jennifer lives in San Diego with her husband Jim, their dog Hennessy and this Bailey the Lion mascot doll. She loves the LA Kings and the Miami Dolphins.




Jennifer Ellis, owner of Life Enlightenment, prepared to root on her team, like she does her clients.


  1. A speakers bureau
  2. An agent
  3. A commission-based anything
  4. A babysitter of clients (or any adult)
  5. A person who trades services
  6. Over 5 feet tall


  1. A consultant for those in the public eye, or those wanting to get there
  2. Conscientious, hardworking, results-oriented
  3. A vegan
  4. Fun!
  5. An independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils
  6. A professional with 27 year’s experience working with speakers, authors, musicians, and other public figures