What We Offer


CONSULTING  / TRAINING – $300/ hour or $150 / half-hour or $75 / 15 minutes

  • I will train you and / or your staff on everything from how to prepare your promotional materials and pitch yourself to meeting planners and the media to what it takes to secure a booking, how to negotiate speaking fees, how to find leads, and how to follow up after interviews and speaking engagements.
  • Additionally, I will give you advice about how you can improve your marketing materials, address any problems you may be having booking speaking or media opportunities, and assistant you in creating a strategic plan to reach your goals.
  • In these sessions, I share many secrets I’ve learned over the 17-plus years managing celebrities, authors and speakers.
  • Price includes review of marketing materials prior to your session, a recording of our discussion, and follow-up questions.

(NOTE: If in-person consultation is desired, an additional charge will be applied.)


  • Your Turn – $10,000 – One Year – It’s your time to enlighten the world. Get to it. Here is a 12-month Program tailored to meet your goals, getting you where you need to be and keeping you on track. Includes:
  1.  Strategic Starter Kit
  2.  Review of marketing materials
  3.  Two 1-hour or four 1/2-hour calls per month
  4.  Unlimited advice via e-mail in between phone sessions for one year 
  5.  Speaking and Media Leads provided monthly
  • Ellis System of Success (ESS) Coaching – $3,000 – 3 Months – Includes 3 months ongoing coaching. Invaluable “Strategic Starter Kit” to get you going. Two 1/2 hour coaching calls per month to keep you on track, unlimited email follow up advice during 3 months, and 10 speaking and / or media leads specifically prepared for you.
  • Champion – $650 – Includes a one hour consulting or staff training session, a list of 10 leads specifically prepared for you, and unlimited follow up e-mail advice for three months.


I will teach all your staff AND / or business associates on the training of your choice. Recent trainings have included:

  • “How to get media to promote your classes”
  • “How to book speaking engagements for your clients”


  • Leads (only available for those who have previously had a consultation or training with Jennifer) – $20 / each
  • Leads specifically tailored to your goals to save you valuable research time.


I will review all of your marketing materials, which includes items such as bio, speaker one sheet, website, social media, press release and speaker video. Once review is complete, we’ll schedule a 15-minute call to cover potential changes to make the materials the most attractive to those who will be booking you. The session will be recorded for your reference.


Questions will arise as you receive more visibility and success. I am here to answer any questions you have to support you in progressing down your path. Unlimited e-mail support for questions regarding topics such as but not limited to:

  • Negotiation challenges
  • Followup with meeting planners
  • How to reply to a meeting planners and media inquiries
  • Specific groups or media you are contacting
  • Back of the room sales
  • Social Media visibility
  • And any other question you may have


As a speaker, author or public figure, you will need:

  • A publicity one-sheet
  • A press release
  • A newsletter and newsletter editor
  • Promotional materials about your cause or service
  • A video filmed and edited to promote you

Many of my clients use the all-inclusive services of Legacy Productions. For a short consultation to discuss your needs, contact Legacy Productions at JimEllis1103@Yahoo.com or (858) 518-5826. Website: www.LegacyProductions.org.

ALL SALES FINAL; No refunds, returns or exchanges.