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I have been asked countless times to support professional speakers and authors in finding valuable leads, revealing the secrets of success in the industry, and in boosting back of the room sales. Now it’s time you all have this information in the easiest and most affordable way possible. Here then are four “Special Reports” created with you and your higher purpose in mind:


In It To Win/Win It – What To Say When Meeting Planners Tell You They Have No Budget – In this special report, find out how to respond when you hear the line from the meeting planner: “We do not have a budget.” Discover the way to turn a “free” speaking engagement into a chance to find your audience and make it profitable.  ($10)

Find All the Leads You Need – A special report containing vital information on how to best find the hot leads for your speaking engagements, including a list of websites where you can find tons of events and organizations to pitch yourself. ($10)

The Top Secrets of the Trade – A special report containing a number of secrets to help you reach optimal success as a professional speaker. These tested, tried and true tips have been gathered over 15 years of experience in the industry. ($10)

Back of the Room Sales – A special report featuring highly effective techniques and tips to optimize your back of the room sales. One of my clients can accept all the free speaking engagements offered to her because she typically sells to 40 percent of the room. Another client of mine started using these techniques and his sales increased by 300 percent. ($10)

SPECIAL – Get all four for $30.


  • You will receive your special report(s) within 24 hours of receiving payment.
  • All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds.