What You Need to Know to Reach Your Speaking Goals


The Most Important Tips Gathered From 15-plus Years of Experience
Provided To You in 70 Value-Added Minutes!


  1. Where to begin in your speaking career
  2. Overview of promotional materials needed for success
  3. Identifying your target market
  4. Where to find speaking leads
  5. Research tips
  6. How to make initial contacts
  7. How and when to follow up
  8. Difference between “marketing” and paid engagements
  9. How to negotiate fees
  10. Creating successful marketing engagements
  11. Do’s and Don’ts of “back of the room sales”
  12. How to contract and invoice for paid engagements
  13. The need for a “booking form” – what is it and how to create one
  14. The importance of your post-engagement activities
  15. Whatever else you need – 15 minutes of Q and A


  • RECORDING LENGTH: 70 minutes
  • PRICE: $15
  • Price includes 70-minute webinar – Plus your free choice of any one of these Special Reports – A value of $10


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  • BIO

    photojmeJennifer Ellis started her company Life Enlightenment in January 2001 upon moving from New York to California. She has managed prominent speakers and authors such as Jill Lublin, Azim Khamisa, Dr. Dawson Church, Dr. Shoshana Bennett, and Belinda Farrell. Jennifer is featured in the book Guerrilla Publicity 2. Prior to running her own business, Jennifer worked in the music industry for over 10 years promoting artists such as Rick Springfield, Oscar Peterson, and George Clinton as well as worked with corporations such as the Walt Disney Company and Intersound Records. Says Jennifer, “I love working with people who want to make a difference. I can get them in the public eye where their message is not only heard but also celebrated.”